Sustainable Green Print

Sustainable Green Print

Be a leader and register to become an Australian Sustainable Green Printer:

Level 1Level 1*

Based on the successful Green Stamp program set up in Western Australia and now modified by Printing Industries as an introductory and certifiable standard, Level 1 is the first stepping stone. It focuses on waste, storage and handling and recycling. It is ideal for the small company starting down the compliance path. SGP Level 1 covers record-keeping, compliance and cleaner production practices and waste management. It includes a simple environmental management system (EMS) that is your pathway to environmental sustainability.

Level 2Level 2

This level steps up the environmental performance of your business. It introduces additional levels of management and control including the tracking of waste streams and brings in a focus on your energy consumption and carbon footprint. SGP Level 2 provides key performance indicators for printing businesses covering waste, recycling, energy, water, incident management, storage and handling of printing chemicals, energy and air emissions.

Level 3Level 3

On completion of the SGP Level 3 audit, your company is prepared for ISO 14001 certification (if desired). SGP Level 3 provides you with all the necessary groundwork including documentation and Key Performance Indicators customised to your printing company's conditions. By having print-specific key performance indicators and guidelines, achieving your ISO14001 certification is simplified and your compliance costs are significantly reduced.

*** Franchise operators should contact their local Printing Industries office for group participation information.

For more information contact Printing Industries at or call 1800 227 425